2018 Spearpoint Shootout

Match Name: 2018 Spearpoint Shootout Location: Spearpoint Ranch Barnard, KS Coordinates: 39.127661°, -98.097267° Match Director: Steve Wirth Zero Date: April 20, 2018 Match Dates: April 21-22 2018 League: Precision Rifle Series Weather Min/Max Temp // Precip // Average Wind // Max Wind // Max Gust Speed … Continue reading2018 Spearpoint Shootout

Rocky Mountain Mayhem

Match Name: Rocky Mountain Mayhem Location: North Springs Shooting Range – Price UT Coordinates: 39.5256° N, 110.9628° W Match Director: Austin Overman & Clint Adams Zero Date: April 13, 2018 Match Dates: April 14-15 2018 League: Precision Rifle Series Weather Min/Max Temp // Precip // … Continue readingRocky Mountain Mayhem

NRL Bighorn Classic

The NRL Bighorn Classic was a challenging match, offering a variety of both field positions as well as man made props.  We shot from rocks, trees, pipeline markers, jiggly bed, ropes, pipes and yes some prone long distance.  It covered a lot of ground and … Continue readingNRL Bighorn Classic

Hoier Hustle

The inaugural match for Black Flag Precision, the Hoier Hustle was held on February 28, 2018.  This awesome match was directed by Nick Hoier hence the name Hoier Hustle, and hosted by Team Black Flag Precision.  It has also been called the Hoier Hu$tle since … Continue readingHoier Hustle

300 Yard Precision Match

Pueblo West Sportsman’s Association, 300 Yard Precision Match put on by Hoser Freeman is a monthly match in Pueblo Colorado.  I am Fred from Team Bison Tactical, and wanted to give everyone a bit more background on this awesome local Colorado match that is a … Continue reading300 Yard Precision Match